Videographer & Podcaster.

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Developing video and audio content since 2007, working with professional brands to produce high-quality content across various roles. Currently working full-time as a Videographer & Graphic Designer.



Recent Projects

 I actively find projects I love working on and taking on roles that challenge me into thinking as creatively and logically as possible.


Podmage is a podcast production team created by Tom Stickler, where I work as a Marketing Developer and Producer. My work assists the whole team helping them develop their podcasts.


The Campfire is an anthology podcast series taking place in multiple genres yet always following a dark tone.


Co-Produced with NYC based Undead Burrito Productions, this was a spin-off from a web series called “Brains” the team had produced based.


My current role is a Videographer and Graphic Designer for Hyphen Digital. A marketing agency in South Wales.


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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

made easy

This series was developed for Moorhouse Group as a a helpful guide for small businesses to understand the insurance they may need.


Featuring a wide array of projects I have worked on including fiction and documentary.

Travel Vlogs

I’m a big fan of travelling and documenting my life. It’s like a diary I can watch instead, and allows me to get creative.


escape the drunk lgbt – let’s be okay: day 25

the title is misleading. Basically, there was a charity event on for Just Like Us today which is an LGBTQ team goes to UK schools and talks about being LGBTQ and what it means etc. We made a Christmas Album for them to raise money. The head of the whole[…]

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i swear i like writing – let’s be okay: day 24

I find it hard to write lately, I’ve always tried to film the things that I write, that’s the producer side of my brain. I want the things I write to be made so when I know they won’t I just don’t write stuff. Even though I enjoy doing it.[…]

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the final binge – let’s be okay: day 23

I’ve been eating pizza for like 36 hours. I’ve also been drinking whiskey. This is my final binge. I am starting a proper diet tomorrow. No more pop or sweets. That’s where we are starting. I’m taking it slow, but serious.I’ve been cleaning my room as well whist catching up[…]

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