RJ Davies

Video Producer & Digital Content Manager

RJ Davies

Video Producer & Digital Content Manager

My name is RJ, I’m a Video Producer and Digital Content Manager based in South Wales.

I started producing in 2008 in radio and video as a volunteer and fell in love with the craft. I won an International Film Festival Award for First Film UK in 2010 and that got me hooked for the rest of my life.

I worked for Channel 4 in 2012, and then the BBC in 2015 while also studying a BA in Media Production during this time at USW. 

I also run a podcast production company called Podmage where I help produce other creators podcast. I co-own a games accesorries company called Rogue & Bard

Video Producer

I'm a professional video producer that has worked with a wide range of clients in different industries such as TV, Marketing, Film, and Web.

Digital Content Manager

From SEO to CMS, from B2B to B2C copywriting. I've bulit my skills up myself and gained amazing results for my employers.


With my podcast work ranging from talk shows, educational shows, and tech news. I've always had passion to be a host since my work in radio.

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