The Time of the Doctor – My Thoughts


These are my opinions. If you want to get mad at me for my opinions, take a breath, realise it’s a fictional show that you want to shout at me about then carefully write your opinion without coming across as aggressive and we can have a good debate on the topic… agreed?

I wasn’t expecting much from “The Time of the Doctor” I enjoyed The Day of the Doctor so much that I knew TTOTD would be a step down so I decided to go into it thinking it’s going to be a bit dull. 

I’m glad I went into it like that as I started to enjoy the episode at the beginning. I mean the nakedness did get over bearing the more they brought it up but to start out with I found it funny.

The Christmas theme was forced. I can imagine a full episode called “A Town Called Christmas” that would have the truth field and have some sort of Christmas enemy that would really be in the season and be well suited. But they forced it into this one. Trenzalore always sounded dark and evil. So when the trailers said it was on Trenzalore  I thought it was going to be a dark special. Remove the Christmas theme from the story and it would have been better. (The truth field wasn’t needed for plot development and the Doctor refereed to his name always as the Doctor so it didn’t work anyway.)

Moffat seems to have a fetish for ageing the Doctor WAY more than the Doctor’s predecessors. Ecceston was 900-901. David was 901-907. Matt was 907 to 1500+ now. I get that the Doctor should age more. I completely agree, but IN THE SPAN OF ONE EPISODE IS LAZY WRITING! When Matt said in the 50th he was 1200 I was fine with that. (Before anyone says he doesn’t actually know his age, I know. I do. But he keeps bringing it up.) Also, the fact that Matt went from 900-1200 without a single change (Other than Matt getting older.) then from 1200-1500 and looking like an old mad is ludicrous, 

Also, showing Eleven as bald as he got bored was stupid and unneeded.  It added nothing but a meta joke that took me out of the show instead of making me laugh and I LOVE META JOKES!

There was sexism in the episode which pissed me off and wasn’t needed but I expect nothing less from Moffat now.

The new regeneration cycle I see was needed but to be honest, I feel like Moffat just wanted to have the 13 lives solution done by himself and not by the next showrunner (depending on when Capaldi would leave). Nobody thought that Ten’s metacrisis regeneration counted as it was sealed off into the hand blah blah blah. I feel like Moffat did it just to whack the numbers up.

Matt’s goodbye was lovely it was the highlight of the show and I have nothing wrong to say about it. (I found it funny that Matt and Karen were both in wigs at the time though.) It was beautifully done and having Wake Up in the background was a nice touch to the “Good Night” element on Eleven. My only “I wish they did this” on the scene would be A: He should’ve said “Geronimo” after Clara said: “Don’t change”
B: A full regeneration scene (Yes there was one on the Clock tower but I like the VFX morph scene, it gives you enough time to say goodbye and have feels and stuff.)

I’m probably forgetting things in the episode right now but these are the things that bother me the most. Hopefully we see the return of real 3D well written characters that don’t get a “Impossible girl” or “Mystery” trope slapped onto them. (I do like Clara a bit. She just needs slightly better writing for Jenna to make her greater.) No more flirting, remember Classic Who? I’m not saying Capaldi is to old to do it. But I just want a new change to the Doctor’s attitude to pretty or feisty women.

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