The Ignotus Project – Unknown Release Date

So, I’m working on a project this year called “The Ignotus Project”. 
It’s in Pre-Production right now, but to simplify it.

Imagine Supernatural crossed with Torchwood crossed with Vlogging & Blogging and throw a dash of The Guild in there for safe keeping.

It’s based on myths, legends and haunted stories in the Wales Region and I haven’t had this fun in pre-production EVER! Researching this project has been the best and it’s given us a lot of ideas.

I’m terrified as this will be a genre clash I have never tackled. But with the team I am working in, I believe we can pull it off!

If the course project goes well, I might just see if I can do some more episodes in the Summer.

But, that’s still a dream away.

-RJ <3