“NewStep Productions” 2011-2014

After more than 2 years in operation, NewStep Productions is shut down.

Looking at the amount of projects I have been working on and have worked on. I am running too many at once and to be honest, a production company isn’t a thing I should personally run without a team behind me that wants to work on it. So until such a time where I feel like I can make a production company with people that are enthusiastic about the work. I am just going to concentrate on my own portfolio on RJDaviesMedia

The fact is I created NewStep in my second year of college, after wanting to become more professional and build up a portfolio of stuff. I am realizing now, I went the wrong was about this. Thing is, nobody I knew cared at the time about the company as they didn’t care much about working freelance or working for their own business. (Along with the fact I was 17). 

NewStep Productions was also the owner of TheGeekCentre. I treated TGC as a subsidiary as I imagined in the future that I could make different sectors for different genres, etc. 

Yet again, bad idea. Too many horses. You get the picture.

TheGeekCentre is still open as it’s own “company”, I guess that would be the term. 

I’m still glad I created NewStep Productions as it was fun to work on and create things for. But I’ve changed and I can’t hold onto things just because they were fun at the time.