#TOGA: A Month of my life.

The past month of my life has been weird, it’s seen me leave university, end up on Job Seekers Allowance, gain a full time job and move back to Swansea. One of the things to keep me grounded during the whole process has been this… #TOGA.

For those of you who don’t know, #TOGA is a parody of Doctor Who based on the parody of #GOAT made by my friends Adam Lewis and Alice Evans. A few of us shot an alternate universe version of #GOAT within 2 days. It’s 14 minutes long… I have no idea how we achieved this.

The storyline is so weird and to be honest, one of my best writing jobs to date as it involved me having to work with timelines and making sure all the characters were accurate without Retconning any work. 

Pre-Production was the easiest process, which is usually not true when I work on productions. We had (what was) ten minutes to film across 2 DAYS! So production was mad. Luke (pictured below) and myself had been arguing so much over the two days. So the usual, producer/director clash. Still love him.

Now, post-production… that’s a little different. Myself and Luke thought it would be a good idea to get CC 2015 as we both needed to have the same version of Adobe. Turns out, CC 2015 is SUPER BUGGY AND BAD! Let me tell you, I was never on schedule due to this program! We were too far into the rabbit hole to start again, so we carried on, and let me tell you… TOGA may of been stressful, it maybe fucking ridiculous but the thing I KNOW IT TO BE, is amazing. 

Maybe it’s no actual episode of Doctor Who, I mean… storywise I would say GOAT is still 10x better than this. 

But the love, passion, anger and all the potato wedges we could eat off the floor of my old house are clear in this production.

Now the real question is… will there be a #TOGA 2?
Now, the short answer is: YES! I WANT THERE TO BE A TwOGA. (Yes, it will be called that.)

But it all comes down to whether or not Luke and I can get back to Cardiff for a few days. Whether we can get the whole cast together, and with the way #TOGA has ended right now… will there be a #GOAT4?

I want a #GOAT4 and a #TwOGA. I want Hush to talk to Daisy, Rachel to fight against the Master, TOGADoctor to deal with a talking TARDIS. GOATDoctor to fight Daleggs or CyberEggs. 

The GOATquel is coming soon. Maybe that’ll give me an idea for TwOGA.

Here’s hoping for #SixGoatsAndAMovie