Happy Birthday Mam.

Dear Mam,

Happy Birthday. I’m sorry I’m not there because I’m selfish and went to film stuff in Cardiff.
Then again, you can have peace and quiet from me and I think that’s much better.
I want to thank you for being a great mum because that’s what you are.

You’ve lived a passionate life and you should keep that going.

Now for the next bit:

Sorry for stealing a giant bar of Galaxy from you as a kid, then hiding it behind the settee for Lucy
to find and then eat making her throw up.

Sorry for whenever you make a Pizza and I come home and steal the remaining half you save.

Sorry for having to deal with me being an emotional little shit when I’d phone up at 4AM during Uni.


Thank you for being so kind and letting me be whoever I wanted to be.

Thank you for standing up for me, like that time you chased my bullies away in school. (it was cool)

Thank you for sharing pizza. As kindness goes… that’s probably the best kind.

I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the LUSH bath stuff. I didn’t wrap it but… then again I saved you tin foil.

– Rhys