Recently, I have identified that one of my friendships that lasted years was one sided and very manipulative. I felt responsible for that person when they were sad and they would insult my caring stating I was obligated to do it and not that I wanted too. 

They would distance themselves from me if I did something they did not approve of and give me abuse for it. He started dated someone and he got better, but distanced himself for his relationship. Which we all understood. We had moved to new places and had other friendships and careers to focus on. He hated this. He wanted us to be close like when we lived in the same place. It was revealed to him that we did not approve of his girlfriend due to personality clashes and her attacking us for being busy with life and growing up to always talk to him. But were happy he was happy with her and we wished him the best.

More recently, he cut all ties with us. All social media. All of his close friends, he just deleted and abandoned for no reason and I’m done chasing him for stuff like this. I’m done being manipulated by someone who was never there for me during my bad times. Never gave two thoughts over how I felt. 

I’m done being their pawn.

I have friends who have grown with me and care for me.

I have friends who bring me up and work with me to be better and bring love into this world and not negativity. 

I hope you get better, I hope you find happiness.