back from the dead.

I haven’t made a goddamn fiction thing in years. So yeah, I am a bit rusty when it comes to fiction.

Yet, I’ve gotten back into the game by writing a web series with a friend of mine. 


Bri Castellini has been my friend for 5 years now. (Holy crap Bri when I wrote that I was shocked it’s been that long.) We worked on a collaborative YouTube channel where we posted on certain days of the week. Keep in mind that Bri lives in USA and I live in the UK. The channel ended 3 years ago and we’ve managed to stay in touch. She began making this web series called “Brains”. It’s now on it’s second season and we began discussing the idea of a spin-off based in the UK.

While Brains follows the story of Alison and her friends finding out the scientific aspects of functioning zombies, I wanted this spin-off to focus on the social problems of it. If zombies can become functioning, would they be accepted?

We began work straight away. After a few months of sending the script back and forth across the sea via e-mail, debates on storyline, Bri making sure I wasn’t slacking (I totally was at times). It was done.

A story about the inbetween, the empty space between alive and dead, what separates friend from foe, and are they feeling apathy or empathy?

That’s dusk of the dead.

For now that’s all I can say.

I’m excited to work on this project with the team I have built.