dusk of the dead – the idea.

Me and fellow online creator @brisownworld​ have been working on a little project together called “dusk of the dead”. It’s fully written and one of the proudest things I’ve ever helped write. 

For years on projects I’ve been known to get depressing in my works as well as overly happy. I’m an emotional person, I REALLY put that into my work as I wear them on my sleeve, but this time as much as I wanted to channel something depressing. I wanted to create something of melancholy.

This world Bri has written is wonderful and great to work on. As dramatic and amazing as it is to see the lives of these students working together in this small community, it’s a big old world out there. People were separated. Families were killed in front of children. Some don’t know where their families have gone.

Yet, this story is of Sion looking for his sister Chloe with his best friend Owen. The apocalypse can be terrifying and be the end of everything, but when it’s over we aren’t always left with a blue sky symbolising it’s over. Somewhere, in the middle of Wales on a cold Winter’s day… the clouds are grey and this man is looking for his sister in hopes of seeing someone from his family again. 

Dusk of the Dead will be released across 3 videos on the Brains channel from the 9th until the 13th of January.