it’s over, isn’t it. | dusk of the dead

The webseries I wrote with the wonderful help of my friend and collaborator @brisownworld has come to an end today. All three episodes are now out and I am very proud I got it out on time. (Trust me, the amount of times Bri wanted me to delay it was outstanding.)

After Season 2 of Brains started shooting, I was discussing with Bri the idea of a spin-off based in Wales. Seeing the changes in other countries within the universe Bri had created. 

I knew from the start it wouldn’t be British Brains, I wanted something more melancholy as I’ve spoken about on this blog before. Bri was a star from the start. She wrote most of the first episode for me to continue off. I began completing it and changing words in it as well. (i.e. In the UK a College is different from University. You go to College typically between 16-18 and it’s similar to High School.) 

Also, I had to add Welshisms. Bamp means Grandad.

Shooting was meant to begin on dusks in October, but who had anxiety after coming back from holiday? THIS GUY! So, I told myself, organise it for December and it’ll be fine. 



Schedules are almost impossible to sync up.

(The final shot of Episode 3 was filmed a day before Episode 2 came out.)

It was super last minute but overall, went well!

I think the most stressful thing about all of this was letting Bri down. Bri is one of the most talented writers and producers I know and she had to deal with keeping on top of me… whilst being in NEW YORK. 

Our friendship was kind of tested during this as we would have quite strong disagreements on how things were done and what should be kept in. We were both doing our best for the series, and had passion in what would make the story great.

I’m glad Bri had put a lot of trust in me, whether she wanted to or not. As collaborators, I’m glad we got to work together and if we ever end up in the same time zone, or if I’m not working ALL THE TIME, I would love to work with her again.

I respect those who have fire and passion in their projects enough to argue with a friend, but not let it change their friendship.

Olivia, Tom and Erin were kind, wonderful and HARD WORKING on this project and gave everything they could to me. I love them very much. Each of them put a part of themselves into the show and I can feel it every time I watched an edit. 

Would I write a sequel? No.

Would I write about Chloe and Sarah? Already happening. (More info soon.)

Does Owen ever see Sion again? No, but if they ever did. They would be happy to see each other. There’s no animosity between the two.

Any other ideas? I’d like to imagine Sion would try to go to New York to meet Alison. Not Chloe or Sarah due to their need for Brains and Chloe having to look after Sarah. I could imagine Sion trying to help after learning from Sarah’s studies. 

Thank you all for watching, I’m super grateful for those who watched. If you have any critical feedback about the show, message me. I’d love to hear where I went wrong and how to improve 🙂