escape the drunk lgbt – let’s be okay: day 25

the title is misleading.

Basically, there was a charity event on for Just Like Us today which is an LGBTQ team goes to UK schools and talks about being LGBTQ and what it means etc. We made a Christmas Album for them to raise money.

The head of the whole charity came up to us three and addressed us as: The 12 Gays of Christmas.

He also watches my videos now. #LookMumIHaveAFan

It was great to see young people talking about how they’re okay being LGBTQ and it’s been hard for them but super grateful for the charity helping improve issues.

We then went to Escape Rooms Cardiff which was amazing. Like REALLY GOOD. We had 20 seconds left on the Sherlock room. We did really bad, but it was SUPERB!

Then we went to the pub and had a wonderful chat. Tom came too. I’m lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Song of the Day: Steve Aoki ft Fall Out Boy- Back to Earth

i swear i like writing – let’s be okay: day 24

I find it hard to write lately, I’ve always tried to film the things that I write, that’s the producer side of my brain. I want the things I write to be made so when I know they won’t I just don’t write stuff. Even though I enjoy doing it. Feeling everything my characters feel.

I’ve been writing again, I’ve been writing a short thing for my friends and also re-writing my friends Pilot for a series he wanted to make 4 years ago called “The Podcast People”. It’s a great idea but needs a lot of work now.


This was from an original image of the show. We’re talking I was in first year of University when this was brought to me, I swear it’ll be good… I hope.

Song of the Day: Tessa Violet – Haze

the final binge – let’s be okay: day 23

I’ve been eating pizza for like 36 hours. I’ve also been drinking whiskey. This is my final binge. I am starting a proper diet tomorrow. No more pop or sweets. That’s where we are starting. I’m taking it slow, but serious.

I’ve been cleaning my room as well whist catching up on iZombie and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Cleaning my room actually is an achievement for me. I’m really bad at keeping it clean. With the hours I work… YEEEESH! 

I’ve finished writing the synopsis for Touchwood, an idea my friend had over a year ago now.

Ivy Dashers is a character I play in DnD. He’s super impulsive and is super Chaotic Neutral. Everyone hates him, and seeing as I’ve been on a Crazy-Ex Girlfriend binge, it’s time to tell you all that the anthem Ivy Dashers has been given by my friends is:

Song of the Day: I’m the Villian in my Own Story – Rachel Bloom

monopoly is evil – let’s be okay: day 22

monopoly was made by the devil for fun. I’m also…


Here are my tips, get people to make wrong choices, if you see someone making an aim for a set. Get one of them or do some trading. The oranges are the best. Own the whole street or that corner with houses or hotels and you will win big. We played Pokemon Monopoly and that shiizzzz was amazing.

I still hate it. I also ordered pizza and drank Fireball Whiskey.

I like Black Betty by Ram Jam which is actually one of my names… Ram Jam not Black Betty. Not only would that be offensive but very inaccurate. Ram Jam = RJ.

Song of the Day: 

Black Betty by Ram Jam

debt. money back. moving? – let’s be okay: day 21

So, I’m out of debt now which means a few things. I want to move to Cardiff Central. I need to get a tattoo of this sign which is personal to me and my family. Oh, and I have a rebate too.

I’ve been lucky this month, things are looking up. I’m not blogging daily to cope with some stuff and I’m not drinking so much to have a good time. I feel hopeful and that I don’t need to move home anymore, even though I would like to.

I have a charity gig to go to on Tuesday for Just Like Us after doing the charity album over Christmas. We got invited. Which is super great. Then I have a funeral on Thursday which isn’t great…

This’ll be my 2nd Funeral, I’m okay. It’s nobody in my family, but the friend who has been effected needs us there and I will be there.

Discussions of moving happened today, who knows what’ll happen in the next few months.

Song of the Day: Lady Gaga – Born this Way