change. let’s be okay: days 14 & 15

I can do many things on a whim. I can travel wherever, get a piercing, make bad choices.

I’ve never been able to deal with my hair like that. I get so stressed to the commitment. I love having long hair, it’s the thing that started out the design of the RJ you see now. Tony Hawks Pro Skater. Rock Music. Surfy style. That’s me.

But I know I look better to others with my short puff. My hair is still dealing with the malnutrition I had over Winter so it’s not in the best condition so maybe starting again is a good idea?

This is what I am like, I can fly to Norway on a whim but not book a haircut.

I decided to dye my hair to one colour and then cut my hair short next winter so I don’t have to worry about wind and rain. Good compromise.

I’ve been staying away from my friends a lot lately, but this weekend is me hanging around them for 3 days straight. I feel a lot calmer about this as my anxiety isn’t high. I’m mellowing out. I talked to a friend about how we’ve been and it’s nice to see we are getting better. Things are changing. Some back to the way they were, some to something new.

I made a video for a friend, singing all of the songs he makes new lyrics for into a collection. We drank in a closed bar for his birthday. Then we sang on a stage to an empty crowd  some Hamilton songs. I have work tomorrow.

I fell asleep in a staff room btw.

That was my evening.

Songs of the Days: 
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police
The Schuyler Sisters – Hamilton

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