debt. money back. moving? – let’s be okay: day 21

So, I’m out of debt now which means a few things. I want to move to Cardiff Central. I need to get a tattoo of this sign which is personal to me and my family. Oh, and I have a rebate too.

I’ve been lucky this month, things are looking up. I’m not blogging daily to cope with some stuff and I’m not drinking so much to have a good time. I feel hopeful and that I don’t need to move home anymore, even though I would like to.

I have a charity gig to go to on Tuesday for Just Like Us after doing the charity album over Christmas. We got invited. Which is super great. Then I have a funeral on Thursday which isn’t great…

This’ll be my 2nd Funeral, I’m okay. It’s nobody in my family, but the friend who has been effected needs us there and I will be there.

Discussions of moving happened today, who knows what’ll happen in the next few months.

Song of the Day: Lady Gaga – Born this Way

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