drink to that. – let’s be okay: day 8

Waking up with 6 hours sleep when you have to travel an hour to work compared to waking up with 6 hours sleep to take 20 minutes to walk to work is a massive difference.

I was wearing the clothes from the previous day, after having a quick shower. After yesterday’s guilty binge on food I was determined to make sure I ate correctly. So I had a sausage panini… HEY! THE NICE LADY FROM TESCO GOT IT FOR ME FOR LIKE 31P! This is why I stopped being a vegetarian. Clearance meat is always better quality than clearance vegetables. Also, I have a vitamin deficiency which eating cheese does not fix.

For lunch I had a Beef and Turkey Sandwich from Tesco. I have had 903 calories all day and haven’t gone over on any of my sugar allowances and I drank 3 litres of water. WOOO!

I was talking to someone on Tinder more today, I’m glad I’m more open to the idea of dating. I like people and sometimes they like me too. I should be open to being liked, it feels good.

The day in work was pretty average, but we went for work drinks after. It was nice to see everyone all at once, we’ve been quite far apart from each other with recent rota’s in work and it was nice to get everyone together.

I write this after 2 Whiskey’s and a Guiness on a pretty empty stomach. So I’m feeling something on this train back home. Being around other workers who actually care about each other and they don’t just treat you as colleagues is lovely and makes me hate the idea of leaving at some point.

Song of the Day: This is the Life – Amy MacDonald. 

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