enjoy myself. Let’s be okay: day 12

I think I’ve been too obsessed about the opinions of others. Their feelings need to be kept into account with my actions yes, but their opinion on me should not change how I see the things I do.

I heard something recently that stuck with me, I paused and had to figure out why it resonated with me so much.

The world is not an audience that has to listen to me.

I have been shouting for years to be noticed, older brothers and sisters that were always in trouble, always in need of something. So when I got my voice in Media, it felt like people would listen. I could tell people things from my heart and it meant I put myself in EVERY PIECE OF WORK I DID.

If someone didn’t watch, or attacked a part of it or my work ethic. I would be crushed. Like, I was being silenced.

This is not the case and I need to review my work with knowledge that it is flawed and understand that the world does not have to watch my work or me.

Stop letting the idea that “people may not like my work”, or “someone else could do it better”, or “only a few people will watch it so what’s the point” stop me from doing things I love.

Song of the Day: American Boy – Estelle

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