escape the drunk lgbt – let’s be okay: day 25

the title is misleading.

Basically, there was a charity event on for Just Like Us today which is an LGBTQ team goes to UK schools and talks about being LGBTQ and what it means etc. We made a Christmas Album for them to raise money.

The head of the whole charity came up to us three and addressed us as: The 12 Gays of Christmas.

He also watches my videos now. #LookMumIHaveAFan

It was great to see young people talking about how they’re okay being LGBTQ and it’s been hard for them but super grateful for the charity helping improve issues.

We then went to Escape Rooms Cardiff which was amazing. Like REALLY GOOD. We had 20 seconds left on the Sherlock room. We did really bad, but it was SUPERB!

Then we went to the pub and had a wonderful chat. Tom came too. I’m lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Song of the Day: Steve Aoki ft Fall Out Boy- Back to Earth

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