I MOVED OUT. let’s be okay – day 19

This will be the only post I write that doesn’t follow the same lowercase title as the other’s because a year ago today I moved out. Also, I am officially out of debt. (Other than paying off my flight to Norway on my credit card but that’s what Tax Rebates are for.)

I am surrounded by love and I need to show it more. With this piece of stress away I can focus on myself more, compared to focusing on how stressed I am all the time. I am like a fire that never goes out. This boy is on fire. This boy be lit. I’M AN ETERNAL FLAME BABY!

yeah, i’d probably be a fire type if i was a pokemon.

A year ago I made the decision to move out from my family home in Swansea and move to “Cardiff” I use that as I’m actually in Caerphilly County Borough/Cardiff/Newport/I DONT ACTUALLY KNOW.

It’s a choice I made irrationally but I learned a lot, got into debt, worked hard and am glad I did it. Like I posted on my personal facebook:

I moved out a year ago today. A decision I made quickly and had very little to support myself on. Quit a job to go three months without another one. Was it stupid? Yes. Would I do it differently it if I could? Not a chance.

Thanks to everyone who has been by my side. ❤

Song of the Day: Hopes & Dreams – Tobyfox
Also, Hopes & Dreams (Remix) – VGR & Jenny

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