my butt is numb. – let’s be okay: day 9

I woke up at 10. It’s a day off of work. I love it.

I did nothing but play video games, some laundry and watched YuGiOh: Dark Side of Dimensions (which in fact was the GAYEST thing I have ever seen, it’s great).

As a heads up, I live-streamed Ori and the Blind Forest today and I sat on my but for 6 hours straight until it was numb. I MEAN IT. MY BUTT AND LEGS WERE SUPER NUMB! I didn’t go for a pee break, or get food or even stretch my legs. How did I use to do this??? Oh yeah, I didn’t feel the pressure to keep playing as I wanted the stream to keep going so I could go pee and eat.

Though playing video games for that long has made me realise that I miss doing that during college and university. Livestreaming it reminded me of doing Radio Presenting for an old Habbo fansite called FlameHabbo. I spent a long time doing it and I’m still friends with one person from that site, @joshwwwa189. We hated each other when we met and that was the same for over a year! Until we actually friends.

It’s times like this where I realise I did a lot in my youth even though I didn’t go out much, I still had tons of friends. I learned a lot, which I still use today and often in my actual jobs. I just want to keep using my spare time to learn, I need to move to Cardiff so I spend less time travelling and more time DOING.

Song of the Day: Naru, Embracing the Light – Ori and the Blind Forest.

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