pancake day – let’s be okay: day 18

The goal of today was to eat nothing but pancakes but nutrition is an important factor in life so I failed. My diet isn’t really the best and working in town kinda makes it hard to have a good diet. There’s nowhere that’s cheap but also healthy. It’s why I had to stop being a Vegetarian as all there is in town is… cheese. Lot’s of cheese.

I bought my tickets to go to Norway yesterday, so I’m pretty excited about that. Just worried about the whole… being in a cabin in the woods… with no phone signal… for 4 days.

I might die.

I’ve been posting these blogs later and later, I’ve noticed and I think it’s mainly to do with the fact I am doing okay. I’m feeling pretty rad now, but still want to finish these 30 days as I might feel bad again soon and also, I want to document my days. This is an enjoyable experience.

Song of the Day: – What’s Wrong? – Kat Parson

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