Over the past decade, I have worked with multiple brands and companies to produce high quality work.


WIth previous experience working with different brands and companies, my portfolio contains multiple genres. video is my bread and butter and i love working on it and working on new elements.


From radio to podcasting. I started out my content production work through audio. working at radio stations, to developing a podcasting platform company which i still help develop.


With extensive experience in presenting to camera, interviewing, hosting and much more. It is an element of my work that I adore as it gives me a chance to interact, learn, and share with an audience.

Self produced PROJECTS

Dusk of the Dead

A spin-off drama series based on "Brains", co-produced by New York based production company "Undead Burrito Productions". it follows the story of Chloe having to tell her brother that she has become a zombie.

The Campfire

An anthology podcast being released this year, the podcast follows different genres across an anthology of episodes. allowing for a range of production styles to be used, and a wide range of directing and editing.


A gaming and tech based Youtube channel gaining over a million channel views. The work included video production as well as podcasting.


A podcast production website that hosts various podcasts with multiple hosts. My role in the company is Content Manager with responsibilities to make sure the podcasts from our team are of high quality and are easy to market to the right target audience.


If you have a query, you can use the contact form below, or feel free to message me on Twitter.

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