skills. – let’s be okay: day 11

My parents got me a 35MM camera as a gift for Christmas as they remember me studying in first year of uni how to shoot photography on film, as well as my clear falling into a hipster void of Polaroid, Vinyl and Deer Jumpers.

i am trash.


With this being said, I finally decided to relearn some elements of this by ordering a triple pack of film, ready for my trip to Norway in March which was also finalised today (booking the tickets tomorrow). I’ve been worried about not learning much since leaving University and getting a job, so I need to force myself to learn different things. With my pursuit into media again, I think this’ll be a good place to start.

I also played DnD with my friends this evening… I levelled up to Level 3 now. I’m a beast master. Talk about skills booooy!

Song of the Day: 4AM Monday – Watsky 

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