the final binge – let’s be okay: day 23

I’ve been eating pizza for like 36 hours. I’ve also been drinking whiskey. This is my final binge. I am starting a proper diet tomorrow. No more pop or sweets. That’s where we are starting. I’m taking it slow, but serious.

I’ve been cleaning my room as well whist catching up on iZombie and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Cleaning my room actually is an achievement for me. I’m really bad at keeping it clean. With the hours I work… YEEEESH! 

I’ve finished writing the synopsis for Touchwood, an idea my friend had over a year ago now.

Ivy Dashers is a character I play in DnD. He’s super impulsive and is super Chaotic Neutral. Everyone hates him, and seeing as I’ve been on a Crazy-Ex Girlfriend binge, it’s time to tell you all that the anthem Ivy Dashers has been given by my friends is:

Song of the Day: I’m the Villian in my Own Story – Rachel Bloom

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