the next step. | 2017

So, 2016 happened. We’re all over it now. Trying to move on, the relationship wasn’t a healthy one but we’ve got this.

The aim of last year was meant to be: Move out, stay out of debt and learn to drive.

Hey, at least I moved out! Yeah, I feel like a failure but I’ve already written a post about that so… you know. Let’s focus on the now. 

This year, I need to get out of debt. That’s aim one. Aim two is new job. I like this job but it’s not what I studied for. I want to do something I love and learned for. So it’s time to bust out the camera, get my presenting personality out of the cupboard and practise and learn again. 

I want to learn how to drive, it would be amazing to do that, but my debt comes first. 

All I know right now is that I’m determined. Hey… I maybe stressed and full of debt ridden anxiety, but I’m determined.

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